Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tutorial: White Chocolate Fondue Sculptures

Willow's been having an amazing time being interested in cooking lately. I showed her how to Google for recipes and how to bookmark them, and then how to Google for food blogs, and I'm really wishing that I had started her on all that on her own computer, because I now have a lot of recipes bookmarked!

Along with all the delicious, complicated things that we've been cooking together, I've also been making it a point to show Will many very, very simple things that she can cook entirely by herself: grilled cheese sandwiches, refrigerated biscuits, fried eggs, etc. Willow has made peanut butter cookies almost all by herself from a recipe that she found online all by herself, but so far the easiest, most independent kid-friendly desserts that we've done lately have involved our fondue pot.

We have an electric fondue pot (it's possibly the wedding gift that we've gotten the most use out of!), which is why this particular recipe is so kid-friendly. I don't think that the kind that uses the candle underneath would be too far off an almost-seven-year-old's skill level, however.

To make these white chocolate fondue sculptures, first have your kiddo dump a bag of white chocolate chips into a fondue pot and, if it's an electric one, turn the heat just to warm. White chocolate is slightly finicky, in that it will seize up if you introduce any moisture into it while it's melted--we pretty much only used crackery foods with our white chocolate fondue sculptures, however, and nobody drooled into the pot, so we were all good:

Stir the white chocolate chips as they're melting, because sometimes even if they're hot enough to melt, they'll retain their shape until stirred:
In my humble opinion, the tastiest thing to do with a pot of melted chocolate is to coat three-fourths of a big pretzel stick in it:
Let it sit on waxed paper until solid--
--and then you can store it in any air-tight container until it's all munched up.

What I had wanted to show the girls, however, was how to do edible sculptures with white chocolate. Using a spoon, have your kiddo drizzle melted white chocolate onto wax paper in any shape that she desires. She can stick pretzels into the white chocolate for additional sculptural bits, and sprinkle on sprinkles to color her creation:
These creations will need to be frozen to set hard enough to hold their structure, but if your sculpture base is not white chocolate, but is instead pretzel or a mini-tartlet shell--
--then it will hold its structure just fine without being frozen to set.

As I'd hoped, the kiddos were able to work on this particular food project completely independently--
--with me just stepping in once they'd tired of it to finish off the white chocolate (oh, white chocolate-coated pretzel sticks, I heart you!).

I think somebody else hearted her edible art:
Actually, since the entire container lasted less than 24 hours, I'd say that we all hearted it pretty well.


melanie said...

May I be the brave one to ask what is on Sydney's forehead? :)

julie said...

Hmmm...I believe it was a partially washed-off temporary tattoo of a shark? Syd's my girl who's VERY into body art, so much so that I've already established my plan of action when she's a teen and wants to pierce/permanently tattoo something. My theory is that whatever it is, I will enthusiastically reply, "Awesome! I'll come with you and do it, too!"

Tina said...

Mmm, we love white chocolate on pretzels also. We usually just dump a bag of the small twist pretzels in a pot of melted white almond bark, but I like the idea of the pretzel sticks. And of course making art with it :)
Good idea on the tattoo/body piercing! My daughter HATES needles and was adamant about never getting a tattoo after I explained to her how the ink stays "on" the skin. She asked, and I try to never lie to her :)