Friday, June 3, 2011

Their Summer Sport

Sydney enjoys a vastly larger variety of extracurricular activities than Willow does, so when Willow said that she'd like to take gymnastics I was stoked, and immediately punched weekly lessons into the homeschool budget. Fortunately, "Routine Day" happened to be scheduled for the week of their second lesson, so I was able to pass through the magic window into the Actual Gym to film the girls showing off their approximately 1.5 hours of instruction thus far:

All the other parents were very good sports at clapping for my two tumble girls, I should add, since their own kids' routines had probably been in the works since at least the beginning of the year, if not longer (one of the kids could actually do that backward flip thing). Still, I do believe (quite humbly) that Will did herself credit during her performance.

As for my Syd monkey, however:

She is obviously another Olympic gold medalist in the making.

The best part of Routine Day, however?

MEDALS!!! On the second day of class!!!

The girls were THRILLED. Will wore hers non-stop all weekend, to Arkansas and back, and neither child so much as questioned why they happened to deserve medals at their second lesson, but if there were any doubts in their minds about whether or not gymnastics was super-fun (it's a little warm in the gym, after all), those doubts were completely and utterly quelled for all time.

Because, for Pete's sake, in gymnastics you get MEDALS.


Miranda Jacobs said...

Awwww! They look so thrilled! I would have loved to have seen the look on your face seeing them so happy.

melanie said...

These are so cute!