Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crayon Rocket Pops in the Pumpkin+Bear Etsy Shop

It took a while to figure out a consistent-enough color scheme that I felt that I didn't have to list each of these individually, but finally, just in time for summer when I really want to eat them, the crayon rocket pops have landed in my pumpkin+bear etsy shop:
At least they're listed, but I'm going to have to do another photo shoot with them to edit the listing. I know better than to photograph on an overcast day, and thusly I'm unsurprised about the greenish-yellow cast that I can't seem to edit out of the photos without ruining the colors of the crayon pops:
Willow, however, was happy to drag herself away from the seven-hour book and computer feast that it's been every day that Sydney's been away at day camp to help me out with some modeling:
I mentioned to Willow as she drew that these crayons would work really well for coin and leaf rubbings, and I was shocked to learn that she didn't remember ever doing those types of activities at all! Has it really been that long? Clearly, after we finish building the model rocket and the wooden dollhouse and dye the playsilks and tie-dye the socks, we have something else fun to add to our homeschool to-do list.


Teresa Robeson said...

Now, that is a brilliant idea! I hope you sell tons of these because they are truly the most fun crayons I've ever seen.

Pepe Fanjul said...

Such a great idea!! I really like it,they are amazing I have ever seen, Thanks for sharing...