Monday, May 2, 2011

On Sanibel Island

After we ditched Matt at the Orlando airport so that he could go back to his day job (I like my day job better!), the girls and I drove across the peninsula and down a ways so that we could make a few visits to Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island is located in the Gulf of Mexico, so when it's not windy, the water is calm and smooth and gentle. Oh, and after Daytona Beach, which we did love, it was so quiet on Sanibel Island! The beach is a bit of a walk from the parking area (about which the two small children, who were required to carry nothing but their light-as-air inner tubes, nevertheless complained mightily), and as soon as you start down the last dune you immediately notice that, other than the shouts of a few happy kids playing in the sand, there's nothing to be heard but the ocean and the birds. So refreshing.

Sydney wonders about this lack of activity. Hmmmm.....will she like it?
She likes it!
Seriously, the water was SO calm. It's the first time that I've ever swam in the ocean, frankly, and the first time for the girls:
Of course, Sanibel Island's real claim to fame is the fact of its east-west orientation in the Gulf of Mexico, due north of some very interesting ocean environments. Because of this, it's one of the top beaches in the world to collect seashells. When I wasn't goofing around in the gulf with the girls, I was contentedly collecting an entire pail-full of seashells at every visit, thinking happy thoughts about all the seashell crafting awaiting me back home.

The girls collected a very many seashells, too. Their shells, however, had a far more important purpose than mine did:
A million more sandcastles for the memory books.

As you may have heard, Endeavor's launch has been delayed even further while the auxiliary heating units are repaired. I am devastatingly disappointed, but obviously I much prefer to know that the astronauts will be safe on their journey. After listening to me on the phone spinning out all of the dire scenarios that could occur for a space shuttle whose fuel lines are frozen due to a malfunctioning auxiliary heating unit, Matt agreed. The children and I couldn't simply live in Florida until the shuttle launch, however--Willow was down to her swim trunks as her last clean pair of shorts, for one thing--and so...

It's so good to be home.

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