Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Dinosaur World

I've always wanted to take the girls to Dinosaur World in Kentucky, but it's just far enough from here to make it a little too long for a day trip, and a little too short for an overnight expedition.

However, it turns out that right off the highway, on the drive from Ft. Myers back to Orlando, is where Dinosaur World Florida lives!
There's fossil digging, a playground, a museum, a gift shop (from which Willow now proudly sports a Dinosaur World baseball cap), and other such niceness, but the big draw to Dinosaur World is the hiking--there are many, MANY dinosaur statues to walk by:
Willow took a photograph of every single dinosaur that she saw. She was that excited. I took some photos of Willow taking photos, but every shot that she's not in is one of her own:
 Oh, yes, there ARE some bloody ones:
And that's just a drop in the bucket of the 147 dinosaur photos that Willow shot that day. If you want to see the rest, invite yourself over to take a look at her dinosaur scrapbook--it's becoming quite the masterpiece.

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