Sunday, March 20, 2011

Homemade Peanut Butter

Sydney has been so obsessed with peanut butter lately. Seriously--peanut butter toast for breakfast, peanut butter toast for lunch, peanut butter toast for snacks in between. Her little body must be craving the fat and the protein, because I can tell that she's in the middle of a growth spurt, but still, that's a two jar a week habit that the kid has!

To turn her love of spreadable legumes into a homeschool science project, I bought a bag full of raw peanuts from the bulk bin at the grocery store. Syd poured them into our blender, turned it on--
--gave it a good mixin'--
--and made peanut butter! If you don't own an overpowered blender like we do, you'll likely need to add some peanut oil to the mix to help it blend, but we could grind up a car in our blender if we wanted to.

Sadly, Sydney does not prefer our homemade peanut butter to the store-brand organic jarred peanut butter that I usually purchase. Even more sadly, I did not purchase any more jarred peanut butter during my last grocery run, since I knew we were going to make homemade peanut butter, and there's not another grocery trip in the budget until April, alas.

Ideally, Syd will develop a taste for the homemade stuff. She's also intrigued by my demonstration that with homemade peanut butter, you can blend yumminess in. Strawberry peanut butter, anyone?

I may have to get out the big guns and make honey peanut butter next. Maple syrup peanut butter?

Chocolate chip peanut butter.


Miranda Jacobs said...

I was actually going to suggest adding some honey to it. I looove peanut butter, but it's got to have a little bit of sweet in there. Sometimes, "dinner" ends up being a scoop of PB. Whatever I can grab with one hand, and eat half asleep.

cake said...

for me, it is salt that makes peanut butter appealing. also, did you use roasted peanuts? raw will definitely be off-putting to a young peanut butter fan...
btw, is your blender really a vita-mix? do you guys make sorbet from frozen fruit in it? and banana "ice cream" from frozen bananas? my mom used to wow us with that as kids, back when we had a vita-mix.

julie said...

I did intend to make raw peanut butter, but the nice thing is that I have a lot of it, so I will try to add some honey to a batch, and some salt to another batch. And some chocolate chips to a third batch, perhaps just for me.

Stephanie said...

Good luck!!

melanie said...

I nearly squealed when I saw the Vitamix. My husband and I COVET the Vitamix. We don't have one, but we talk about it. A. Lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Just finished our jar of peanut butter last night and since it isn´t that easy to find in here in France and I have to wait in for the TNT man your post has inspired me to have a go. Sadly my liquidizer is only a hand held stick thing so peanuts may fly every where. I´ll wear my safety (sun) glasses just in case..

We like peanut butter with a bit of chili sauce added - especially in toasted sanwiches.

Stubby Holders said...

I love peanut butter. I can live with it for a few week. But pls do give give some water to keep my stomach from getting upset.