Monday, January 10, 2011

Today is Monday

scrambled eggs with spinach and green peppers

Bella Sara web site--approved for now with the understanding that I am NOT purchasing any Bella Sara products. You want some of those magical self-esteem horse trading cards? No problem--go clean the bathroom and I'll give you a buck.
 Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You
poetry written from the perspective of a hamster
Moonlight and the Magic Flute
Mother Goose
Eyewitness Skeleton

independent reading--Jane Yolen novel for me, Magic Tree House audiobook for Syd, and some more Bella Sara (from the library--you can still use the code inside to get the magical horseshoes!) for Willow
 Glenn Gould playing Mozard on the record player

Sydney playing Legos on top of the sewing that I'm trying to do

some sewing that Willow is trying to do
 ripping more CDs (my goal is to have a complete mp3 collection of Magic Tree House and Story of the World. I keep the library hopping.)
Go, Diego, Go!
bread, dipping oil, oranges, and a hot dog (made by and for Willow) for lunch


to the park in the bitter coldness (I'm the only one who's bothered)
home at dusk


onions make you cry
math (adding up coins! Word problems! Counting!)
Family Movie=Stomp Live!
perhaps for me, too, just as soon as I finish that Jane Yolen novel


Meg Nickless said...

Sounds like a good day. Which Jane Yolen novel is it? She's fantastic.

julie said...

Dragon's Blood. I love her children's books, but I had no idea that she wrote young adult novels, too--so good!

melanie said...

I feel like a stalker... I saw your FB post that you and the girls were going to the park, and then, on my way home, I drove right by you and the girls going to the park. (I'm too shy to honk - also my horn doesn't work) :)

Meg Nickless said...

One of my favorites is Wizard's Hall (I read it WAY before Harry Potter was on the scene). I think you can get a taste of it here: