Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Pumpkinbear Links

Do you see it up there? It's a new-ish addition to my linkbar, and I've finally finished futzing with it (for a while).

My girlies are NOT allowed to surf the internet yet, and they're not allowed to visit web sites that contain external advertising, and they're not allowed to browse youtube unsupervised, and they're not allowed to visit most web sites that promote toys and other mass-market consumer culture products.

There are, however, loads and loads of educational web sites that the girlies ARE allowed to access, of course, and Little Pumpkinbear Links is the place where I keep them. My blog is one of my home page tabs that pops up whenever a child opens our internet browser, and from there, the child is able to find her tab and then scroll through her links.

If you've got a little pumpkin or bear about the ages of mine, then you're absolutely welcome to check out our links, too. I'll warn you, though--they tend to be a bit dinosaur-heavy.

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