Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yellow Snow Plus Blue Snow Equals Green Snow

Syd's been way into color mixing lately. She's gotten the secondary color combos down, and now enjoys mixing them up with paints on paper and colored water in clear jelly jars.

Her obvious next medium?


We're having an unseasonably warm patch just lately (hallelujah!), but due to our property's miserable lack of direct sunlight, we still have plenty of nice, thick, clean-ish white snow for painting on. I mixed up three bottles of snow paint for the girls in the primary colors (even yellow!), and sent them out to see what they could see.

Do the secondary color combos still work in the snow?
They do!

Cue much running around and mischief making and tagging snow-covered outcroppings:
 Animal tracks are fascinating when sprayed, because it brings out the definition and the depth:
By late this afternoon the temperature had climbed to a shocking 50 degrees, and there were few outcroppings of snow to paint (at least few nice, clean outcroppings--there are still lots of dirty, gross piles of plowed snow all around), but instead there were lots and lots of slush puddles to stomp in, and freezing little rivulets to follow, and bare dirt patches to hop between, and it turns out that that's pretty fun, too.


Phyllis said...

What fun!
I have an award for you and all the fun things you do on your blog.
Come on over and get it...

Unknown said...

I love how Willow color coordinated her sweater to match the snow.