Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beware the Terrible Cat Monster

Willow is terrified of all feature films. Whether they be adventure or comedy, cartoon or live-action, she hates them.

This is tiresome, and has fairly ruined Family Movie Night.

Recently, my Matt had the idea that, since Willow mainly watches documentaries, perhaps she just doesn't understand the concept of acting. In the nature programs, when the lion chases the gazelle and the gazelle runs in fear, it's cause the gazelle is about to be actually eaten, you know, but when the hound chases the fox and the fox runs in fear in The Fox and the Hound, nobody's going to get eaten, and yet Willow finds this scene, especially watching the victim's fear, VERY upsetting.

And don't even get me started about how hard she sobbed watching the old lady dump the fox off in the nature preserve. What is up with you and your childhood abandonment issues, Disney war machine?

And that's why in their free time Matty and the girlies are making themselves a movie.

I am uninvolved in the process, but it apparently involves script-writing, costuming, the foster kittens, the whole shebang.

Here's a clip from the dailies:

Stay tuned for the trailer.


Phyllis said...

That sounds like a good idea for how to handle the issue.
"Disney war machine"? Why watch Disney movies if you feel that way? I know they are the most convient to find, but there are other things to watch. Just an idea. :)

julie said...

I also eat the cookies sold by the Girl Scout war machine.