Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time to Bake the Donuts

Baking makes for excellent homeschooling. Ah, the counting! The fractions! The ratios! The logical ordering! The recipe reading! The motor skills! Chemical reactions! Nutritional science!

Um...and deliciousness.

So far, our homeschooling has consisted of a LOT of baking. The girls love to do it, it's madly educational, gives them radical homemaking skillz, and results in actual food that we can actually eat.

In other words...why not?

Will found the recipe for baked donuts in Knead it, Punch it, Bake it! (store-bought with my swagbucks, woot!) and, praise the lord, we actually had all the ingredients on hand!

The dough was easy--although it used up TWO packets of yeast!--we let it rise, then cut out our adorable nesting doll donuts:
FYI: When you bake your donuts, you can make them any shape that you want. Will had herself quite a blast sculpting many magnificent donut sculptures:
You will also note that one of the benefits of baking vegan is that you can taste while you work.

The donuts already look quite nummy as they rise--
--and then bake, but they're going to get nummier. I have three words for you:

Butter. Cinnamon. Sugar:
You dunk 'em, then you douse 'em.

Repeat until plate is sufficiently overloaded:
You think they were good, and you're right. Of course they were good. But they weren't just regular good. They were this kind of good:
When you close your eyes as you eat something, then you know that the something that you are eating? It is GOOD.


Anonymous said...

You buy yeast in packets?? Amateur! Just kidding!! Those look incredible and I'm bummed I gave the book away without ever having tried making those doughnuts. Your girls are talented!

julie said...

I think you could probably make the donut dough a lot of different ways. The secret ingredient seems to be nutmeg, and a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought the secret ingredient was butter, and a lot of it. ;>

julie said...

Butter is NO secret, let me tell you. I swear that every time the girls talk me into baking these, I have to put Earth Balance back on the grocery list.