Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Enchanting, and Balancing, Butterflies

Inspired by the internet (as I often am), the girlies and I have spent a week or so making balancing butterflies. We didn't make a week's worth of butterflies, mind you, but we did work off and on for a week. Unlike in the cozier, more contemplative winter, when we can seemingly spend an entire day crafting felt food, summer projects tend to be worked on for several minutes, then set aside for several days, then worked on again. No matter, as all the project materials made themselves at home on a corner of the living room table, and eventually, we turned them into butterflies:
You can use the templates that I linked to above, but any symmetrical shape, with a wide wingspan that's forward of the front of the body, will do. You can also use any material that's slightly stiff, just enough so to bend a tiny little, but only a tiny little, under the weight of the penny hot glued to each wingtip:
I have one interior design project ongoing with these little beauties, involving some cardboard record album covers, some carpet tacks, and the ceiling of our living room, and another project altogether, an educational one, the reasoning being that if pretend butterflies balance, then why not real ones?

Rather, why not balancing copies of real balancing butterflies? I mean, balancing butterflies that are real butterflies.

Eh, just wait and see.


melanie said...

So, I don't think I would be brave enough to take a picture looking up my nose... :)

julie said...

Lord, the baby took that picture, not me! I'd NEVER take a picture looking up my nose, either, although I'm sure she'd happily take a picture looking up her nose.

Yeah, I took a good, long, close look at it first. There are definitely some things that could have appeared in the conversation that would have nixed its publication.