Friday, July 16, 2010

A Week at the Beach

Our week at the beach house is nearly over. Here's how we spent that precious, precious ocean time:

Time very well spent, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing--the experience AND the photos.

Random thought: I wonder if Willow is going to be like Christina Ricci's charater in Now and Then when she reaches puberty. You know, and duct tape her chest flat? I could be totally wrong, but she looks so free and happy in that last picture, it made me sad for the day that she'll be forced to wear shirts in public.

Unknown said...

Tell Willow Happy Birthday!

julie said...

Perhaps by the time that Willow's older there will no longer be laws to prevent women from going topless in public. Or our clothes will be just holograms, and so unconfining.

Will had a GREAT birthday! Topless on the beach? Perfect day!

cake said...

there is just nothing like the beach, + children.

Lori said...

love your photos of the beach .. how i wish i were on the beach right now!