Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How's Our Homeschool This Week?

Let's see...

In the past week or so, we've:

visited the Wonderlab; read books about dinosaurs and animals and outer space and volcanoes; built and erupted a plaster of Paris volcano--
David Attenborough Wildlife Specials--watched a David Attenborough Wildlife Special and a dinosaur documentary that has convinced Willow that the T-Rex was primarily a scavenger; did a lot of gardening; and played a lot of Zoo Tycoon:

played guitar and took guitar lessons; listened to lots of kids' songs and lots of the Old 97's; and went to a frankly mediocre concert in the park

Magic Tree House CD Collection Books 9-16listened to a lot of Magic Tree House and read a lot of The Scrambled States of America

made plaster of Paris figurines; played with clay-
--painted with a lot of acrylics--
--and drew lots of pictures and stuck on lots of stickers and made one excellent collaged United States flag

had family time with far-flung relatives, as well as other miscellaneous field trips:

put together puzzles; played computer games about physics and computer games about shape identification; cooked a lot of meals; and completed the odd workbook page

read a lot of picture books; read a lot of chapter books; listened to The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Paddle-to-the-Sea, Hank the Cowdog, and the first three Bunnicula books; and had a lot of bedtime stories

wrote some letters--
--copied the partial lyrics to "Somewhere over the Rainbow"; kept up with summer reading program book lists; solved a code or two; and played a Dr. Seuss computer game

walked downtown a lot; rode bikes a lot; went to the playground a lot--
--and went swimming a lot, including each child's very first swim lesson EVER:
And that's how we homeschooled this week.

P.S. Check out my weekend posts over at Crafting a Green World--a review of Found, my favorite store in Ann Arbor; and a tutorial for making that plaster of Paris that we did so much of this week. That plaster of Paris tute also got picked up by CraftGossip--yay!


Kimberly said...

and the one thing that stuck out in this? Oh, I think you know...:-D

Just a little over a month away! Squeeeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bunnicula! That really caught my attention. I loved those books!

Also, can I go to school with you kids? It sounds awesome.

Tammy Littlenut said...

Ann Arbor is also the home of Found magazine. Any connection?

cake said...

okay, we are ready to enroll.

julie said...

Day-to-day, I always feel like we never really do anything, so it's always nice to write it out and see that it looks good on paper.

Willow LOVES the Bunnicula books. Mental note to get her the rest for our next big road trip. She wasn't as into Paddle-to-the-Sea or Mouse and the Motorcycle, but she also adores the Magic Tree House books, and is super-excited to start Indian in the Cupboard.

I think it's weird that Found the magazine and Found the store have the same name, but unless a relative runs the store, I really don't think there's a connection. They sell Found magazine in the store, of course, but they don't make a major production out of it.