Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blueberries and Black Raspberries

The u-pick blueberry farm is a VERY important part of our summer.

The children's personalities really come into focus here. Sydney, whose penchants for fine clothing and hair pretties and small toy ponies might fool you into thinking her frivolous, steadily picked blueberries for two entire hours:
She ended up with three pounds of blueberries picked all by herself:
Willow, whose penchants for book work and dinosaur study and guitar practice might fool you into thinking that she's solidly industrious, picked perhaps fifteen blueberries, and then spent two hours happily floundering in various mudpits:
She collected this summer's stock of pampered tadpole babies to come live in our fish tank:
She's out on the back deck reading out loud to them right now, actually...

I forbade Willow to pick more blueberries after she got her hands so filthy in tadpole muck and refused to wash them. Fortunately, the child is a problem-solver:
We've never had the luck in our side-of-the-trail black raspberry picking that my blog friend cake has. We don't come home with many black raspberries, but this is probably a good thing since we seem to collect an equal number of chiggers as raspberries. The yearly outing does have two good things going for it, however, that our blueberry picking lacks...

And Daddy:

He's even better at collecting chiggers than the rest of us are.


Shannon said...

Where is this u-pick farm?

Shannon said...

Here's my email address, sorry.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am so envious. A blueberry pick-your-own. We have a fantastic pick your own near us that grows strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, etc, but not blueberries. Lucky you. Enjoy your haul. Blueberries. Sigh.

cake said...

that is a beautiful colorized blueberry shot. i love it.

julie said...

Aw, sucks to be you, with your strawberries and raspberries and blackcurrants but no blueberries! You poor little lamb! (I'm jealous because I'd LOVE a strawberry u-pick patch!)

We visit Bray's, which is about a half-hour south-ish of Bloomington, Indiana, near the Crane Naval Base (why is there a naval base in land-locked Indiana? I have my dark suspicions...).

In the comments to this post on the Hoosier Hotplate blog, look for a way better addy than I could give you: http://blogs.hoosiertimes.com/hotplate/2009/06/30/dreams-of-blueberries/