Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Us, Tonight

Considering that barely half an hour prior, Willow was being perp-walked out of the park, bellowing, as Sydney followed behind us, screaming just as loudly, this is a mighty peaceful scene:
Everything for Early Learning, PreschoolWillow is making alphabet flashcards for Sydney, cut from one of those Everything Preschool activity books--this was her idea. Sydney is completing page after page in a 1-10 Dot-to-Dot book--also her idea. She requires a lot of positive reinforcement as she works, because she thus far lacks confidence that she actually knows what the numbers look like and in what order they run, although she does, and so I'm hanging out, as well, creating yet another paper chain, this time from an old dictionary.

It's nice to have those moments of peace, especially when you know that all hell will break loose again at bedtime.


Tina said...

My daughter has the same confidence issue with her numbers. She loves numbers and knows her numbers, but still needs me to verify that she is going to the correct number next.

julie said...

I think it must be because they're so precise--some kids are likely comforted by that ability to come up with THE right answer, but my little kid? Freaks her out.

cake said...

cosmo refuses to lift the marker from the page when he does dot to dots. so, he just keeps the pen there, making a huge splotch, while he looks around for the next number. cracks me up.

julie said...

Willow won't connect the dots with a straight line. She always uses a wiggly line that visits lots of places before it makes the connection, and then gets mad that she can't figure out what the finished picture is supposed to be. Kids are goofy.