Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Backyard Camping Adventure

No, we didn't rough it. If we had just a tent and an air mattress and some blankets, then we might have roughed it. But when we also have an extension cord and a power strip...well...

I read magazines by the light of a desk lamp that I brought outside and plugged in:
The girls played I Spy Fantasy on the computer:
Matt dropped by and brought us pizza, and stayed to watch a movie--

--although later he left. Wuss.

And for hours after the girls fell asleep, I hung out and read magazines and watched more Netflix, snuggled under our nice, big electric blanket, set to its hottest setting.

Ooh, but I didn't get enough sleep, because Willow snores, and my back hurts this morning, because the air mattress wasn't pumped up firm enough. That's probably roughing it, right?

Um, right?


cake said...

unbelievable. if you didn't have photos to prove it, i would take this as an april fools.

julie said...

Not real wild, I know, but considering that the dude in the family couldn't even cut that much, it was clearly amply wild for us.

Cheryl said...

We camped out in the garden for one night last summer. I wish I had run an extension lead out. The girls lasted all night, even through a heavy downpour.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, as I have now discovered yours. We sent two of ours to a Montessori Kindegarten and they love/loved it. Wish we had a Montessori school nearby that took them beyond five years old, but the village school is great.

julie said...

I wonder if it would be safe to run an extension cord out through a driving rain? I actually find the thought of sleeping in a tent during a rainstorm comfy and nice, AS LONG AS I'm not deprived of my electric blanket, desk lamp, or computer.