Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Third Member of the Band

I never really liked that movie August Rush as much as everyone else did, I think. I hate films in which characters don't make all the pertinent information clear to each other. I mean, why didn't Felicity just TELL the social worker that her father had forged her signature on the adoption papers? Instead, the social worker was all, "You're a bad mom!" and Felicity was all, "I know, right?"

Anyway, Sydney's latest composition, her interest intrigued by my and Willow's interest in the guitar, reminds me of that film:

It's wrong, I know, but I'm already imagining them both on the main stage at Lollapalooza.


cake said...

didn't see the movie, but WOW! i don't think your lalapolooza dream is too far out. she's got a gift.

julie said...

I wonder if I should keep them both on guitar, for an Indigo Girls sort of aesthetic, or move Will to the violin for a Dixie Chicks sort of feel?