Thursday, March 11, 2010

Matt Does His Homework

Matt's mid-term for his drawing class consisted of...well, a drawing. Choosing something handy from around the house for his still life, he of COURSE ended up sketching a portrait of a stegosaurus:

There are several things that I love about this video:

  • I love how Matt is wearing a sweater over a collared shirt. Isn't that adorable?
  • I love how he's embarassed for about three seconds that I'm videotaping him, but then he almost immediately forgets about me and gets way into his drawing.
  • I love that he's drawing a stegosaurus. We're going to hang it up in the girls' room when the instructor returns it. AND the instructor better not mark on it.
  • I love most of all how the part that he's drawing just as I'm filming? Looks NOTHING like the parts that came before, and NOTHING like a stegosaurus.

And in other news, I also love that Matt bought me a guitar from a pawn shop, because I want to learn guitar along with Willow, whose first lesson is this afternoon. To borrow a compliment that my Mama once bestowed upon me after spending a week in the same house with me and a colic-y two-months-old Willow: that man has the patience of Job (pronounce it "Jobe").

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Unknown said...

He looks so preppy.