Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Craftster Read to Me Mommy Swap Goodness

I do a lot of swaps on Craftster, but the Read to Me Mommy swap may have just topped the 2008 Christmas in July Stashbuster swap (in which I had not one, but TWO swap angels step in for my flaky partner!) as my favorite swap to date.

The Read to Me Mommy swap was already set up to put me into nerdy heaven, what with the pleasure I took in sending off a copy of the girls' favorite pop-up encyclopedia, , and in making a variety of felt dinosaurs and a travel felt board (AND in finding an excuse to buy ), and in stencilling a parasaurolophus onto a child's T-shirt. But it turned out to be even better to receive my own swap package from my partner:


She sent an autographed copy of Seashells by the Seashore, a counting and shell identification book:
She sent shells, and stuff to decorate them with, if we ever get tired of just looking at them and playing with them as-is:She made a sewn matching game with hand-drawn illustrations:She made a beach bag out of beautiful fabric:And she made the most amazing, most elaborate, themed roll-up felt playset that I've ever seen:
If you like crafting for kiddos, especially crafting educational or extension activities, you should totally check out the Read to Me Mommy swap gallery, which is inspirational. There's a Harold and the Purple Crayon package that I possibly must recreate in every way.

The next Craftster swap that I'm currently signed up for is...wait for it...a DINOSAURS swap. My swap partner would like matchy stuff for herself and her sister, so it will be like crafting for my girls in the future! I bet they'll STILL like stuffed dinosaurs and stencilled shirts!


Stephanie G said...

Have you ever used the limbs and trunks of Precious Moments dolls as raw materials for crafts? I have a drawer full of toes (and toenails) just waiting to be somewhere worthy. Any suggestions?

julie said...

I'm pretty sure that they don't actually make Precious Moments dolls, although the one time that we took the detour to go by the Precious Moments chapel in Missouri it turns out that it had just closed...at, like, 5 pm?

Crafting with Barbie parts, however, is totally doable, but, unfortunately, also totally cliche.

Stephanie G said...

Well, if you had gotten there before 5, you would have seen loads of PM dolls in the gift shop.

Unknown said...

Katie just put a PM doll in a box for a garage sale.

Stephanie G said...

Here's the dealio on the PMC. My Memaw (rhymes with Seesaw) took me years ago on the way home from Wal-mart Museum in Bentonville.

"Chapel Exclusive figurines, dolls and gifts can only be found at the Precious Moments Gift Shop in Carthage, MO. Shoppers from around the country and around the globe visit the Gift Shop just to own one of these extra special pieces."