Friday, December 11, 2009

A T-Shirt Quilt for Christmas

Some leftover bias tape that just happened to match the blanket back, a couple of hours machine-binding while watching episodes of Miami Ink on Netflix (If you got another tat, what would it be?), and one Christmas present is done and DONE:
I don't get to see my little cousins often enough (although thank gawd for Facebook), so it was quite fun to get this glimpse into the life and times of a 13-year-old girl. I love, for instance, how a teenager's passions can so easily range from air-brushed dolphins--
--to sexy werewolves:I'm totally on Team Jacob, too. Real men don't sparkle.

And, personalized T-shirts? Make wrapping Christmas presents WAY easier:
Next on Santa's list are superhero capes for three even littler cousins. And since that means getting out the Cricut, who knows what other wonders will emerge?


Anonymous said...

You whipped that up while watching a show?? I drop stitches when knitting while watching a show.

julie said...

Dude, I ALWAYS watch stuff while I craft. That's what Netflix's Watch Instant is FOR.

Also, I'm kind of type-A about "being productive," so I might never let myself watch TV if I didn't have something useful to do whilst.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Me too!! It drives my Husband crazy that I absolutely, positively can NOT sit and JUST WATCH television. There must be something productive going on at the same time - knitting, crochet, mending, beading, whatever!