Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweatpants, Skirts, and Teaching Tops

One thing about living in a university town and working at that university is that you meet a lot of undergrads. Matt works with interns and the Student Alumni Association club, and as for me, I've got 40 or so freshmen that I engage in conversation and woo into some semblance of understanding of the analytical process and its reflection in rhetoric for three hours twice a week, not counting office hours.

And when you talk to undergrads that much for that long, you 1) gain a terrific understanding of popular television (I swear, half my students are writing their final papers on The Girls Next Door), and 2) do NOT gain an understanding of contemporary fashion. Um, why do I want sweatpants with words written on the butt?

And leggings came back? Seriously?

And apparently (because we had an entire conversation about this), you're still supposed to tan in the winter, but not as much because you don't want to get too dark, and you have to REALLY tan, like in the booth, because everyone can tell when you've spray-tanned because it DEF looks orange.

All this is to say that I don't dress like a freshman, but I bet you could have figured that out on your own. If there was a Torrid in town I'd probably throw my second-hand shopping ethic out the window--hell, I'd probably have my own Torrid card the way my mama used to have a Dillard's card because she bought so much there--but until then, I rely on the Goodwill 50%-Off Storewide Sale days and going through every piece of clothing in the store to find a few pieces that I like. So I bought low-rise cargo pants and a couple of tops designed to show off the tons of money that I have invested in a really great bra (my friend Molly calls these "boob tops").

I bought Matt a few more pairs of sweatpants, because he likes to go to the gym every night while I'm putting the girls to bed (chapter from whatever book we're reading, episode of Meerkat Manor, sitting in the dark goofing off on the computer while playing Pandora and waiting for snores).

And I bought the girls skirts:
And skirts:
And yet more skirts: Syd is the one who is obessed with skirts and dresses (dubbed "quitty kwothes"). Will likes herself a pair of good, soft pants, but will also wear the same dinosaur T-shirt for as many days as it take for me to get sick of it and rip it off of her body. Sydney will change entire outfits four times a day, easy (each time putting the entire old outfit in the dirty laundry, unless I catch her. This is one of the reasons that I'm teaching the girls to do their own laundry this month), and actually has a knack for putting together really interesting outfits that somehow work.

And she only has a few skirts, mostly Momma-made and thus all of the same style. So I skirted them up.

Also bought during the sale: a keyboard that may or may not work for lessons, so we'll do some research before the return period is up; a picturebook of Longfellow's Hiawatha poem; a tiny little loaf pan (Matt is all, "What are you going to make with this?" "Um, tiny little loaves?"); and yet another little horse.

Still on the must-buy-secondhand list: ice cream maker, new-ish crockpot (there are tons of older crockpots in thrift stores, but they're supposed to be fire hazards or something), and a black hoodie and an AWESOME cool-looking grey denim jacket with a stripe on the sleeve to replace those same articles of clothing, both bought previously at Goodwill, that I have left at one time or another in my classroom on campus and thus lost, leaving me broken-hearted.

Although if some other freshman stole my clothes, that does mean that they were up to their trendy freshman standards, I suppose.


cake said...

damn damn damn. i missed that store wide sale AGAIN! and this time, it wasn't because i was out of town. it was because i didn't look it up, and put it on my calendar. sounds like you scored!

i have been teaching cosmo how to do his own laundry too. he's really into it, and since we always wash everything on cold/cold, it would be hard for him to ruin anything.

julie said...

Yeah, I don't even let the girls use detergent, and most stuff doesn't really need it, anyway. So far the girls can do everything except carry their basket of clean laundry back up the basement stairs, although they do have a few woollens that I have to remember to remind them not to put in the dryer.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Cake said (about the sale, not about Cosmo doing laundry)! I was browsing my bookmarks the other day and noticed the Goodwill one (which I conscientiously put in when I last asked you about the Goodwill sales), and thought, hm, I should click on it to check for the next sale...but I was on a mission to find Firefly quotes and promptly forgot to go back to check on Goodwill. Ugh. Serves me right.

I could use some snazzy skirts too...well, maybe not, but I am a fan of low(er, not -est) rise jeans.