Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Than One Photo Shoot is Usually Necessary

In preparation for a big update in my pumpkinbear etsy shop, I've spent the past couple of days taking tons and tons of photos of my stuff, glorying in still being able to take sunny outdoor shots, however chilly, before the long winter of grey indoor shots comes into play (my big winter plan is to build an indoor photo studio, btw).

Etsy photo shoots are a lot of work, especially with two little helpers--a half dozen photos here, before pushing the girls on the swings and then heading home for lunch, a half dozen photos there, in a sunny spot on the back deck just before the baby melts down, a half dozen photos on a pretty brick wall that we pass while walking to campus one afternoon. I generally have to utilize careful cropping, or a generous amount of retakes.

For instance, in this photo of a blue and polka-dotted superhero cape that I'm going to hopefully put up in the shop tomorrow (and offer a free upholstery fabric monogram with it, for as long as I have time to make them and mail them before Christmas, so tell your friends!), I meant for you to see Will running around and enjoying the cape and acting all super in it:I did not, of course, mean for you to see that she's running around and acting all super in Rose Hill Cemetery, where we found ourselves YET AGAIN late this afternoon after gymnastics:
I swear, I cannot stay away from that place. I wonder how the caretakers feel about people camping there?

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Anonymous said...

There are probably rules against camping, or at least against the requisite s'more making campfire you would need to build to make the camping expedition worth while.