Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babies in Diapers, Babies on Film

Babies in diapers sitting:
Babies in diapers fleeing:Babies in diapers with Velcro:
Babies in diapers with snaps:
Babies in diapers getting bribed with whatever I have around to bribe them with:
I did a little photo shoot over at Barefoot Kids this weekend for a cloth diapering tutorial that I'm writing up. It made me realize that just as I didn't take enough photos of my baby girls breastfeeding, I didn't take nearly enough photos of them in their comfy cloth diapers. I still have a few of their diapers for my teaching stash, but not any of my own handmade wool recovers (what did I do with those? Who was so awesome that I gave them my own wool recovers, and yet so un-awesome that I don't even remember anymore?), and I have absolutely zero breastfeeding mementos, although to be honest, I NEVER, NEVER WANT TO SEE MY OLD NURSING BRAS AGAIN!!! I didn't even try to pass them on, or take off the bands or the elastic or the snaps to re-use. I JUST THREW THEM IN THE TRASH!!!

To be fair, I was nursing one to two people continuously from 2004-2009, so those bras and I were done with each other by the time Sydney weaned herself.

And also? You should totally see my new bras. Underwires and everything.


5orangepotatoes said...

Me too, on the nursing bras. Funny that I did't need an underwire prior to having my girls.....whole different story now! Darn gravity!

Looking forward to the tut, have a couple friends with babes in cloth diapers right now.

Abby said...

i lurve seeing my baby on your blog.

cake said...

o my god i am laughing so hard at you not even salvaging a snap or a hook from your old nursing bras. too funny. and...i totally hear ya.

i love the results of the diapering photo shoot