Monday, October 12, 2009

To Anderson Orchard and Back by Noon

Back and forth to the apple orchard, picking apples and exploring and seeing who can heft the biggest pumpkin (I win!), apples for breakfast and lunch, and still the littles got back to town in time for school (so did I, but that's not really an accomplishment since my class is almost 6 hours later. I did forget about my dentist appointment, however, so perhaps that counts for something).

We picked Golden Delicious (a sweet all-purpose apple), and Scarlet Beauty (also a sweet all-purpose apple, but better for winter storage), and Turley Winesap (a tart apple), and the yummy tart Ida Red:
This was my very first time ever picking an apple, as well, and I do savor those experiences, which happen more often than I would have previously thought, of not merely exposing my children to something new, but actually sharing in that new experience as another first-timer right along with them.

We ate a lot, too:
In fact, we may have eaten a very, very lot: In the perennial compromise between two children, one bigger and one smaller, Sydney got cold and done first and had to stay a little longer than she preferred, and Willow...Willow the Tree Girl (who, yes, I specifically told numerous times NOT to climb the apple trees) had to be basically dragged out of the apple orchard and off to the pumpkin patch.

Over the weekend I felt the call to go through some of my now quite organized clothing craft stash, and I modified a sweater skirt pattern that I'd been sort of happy with last winter to make the girls two new sweater skirts each that we're all VERY happy with:
The final tally:
And now to applesauce, toasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin puree!

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