Thursday, October 15, 2009

And the Rest of the Apples are Just for Eating

So we didn't make apple pie or apple pizza or apple cookies or whatever, but we did make apple cake and apple muffins and dried apple doll heads--
--which I'm pretty sure are going to freaking CREEP me out when they're finished, by the way, might as well have Willow dangle one of them from a string on a stick while she's walking around in the freaky clown costume I'm going to have to make for her, and six more pints of applesauce (thanks for the food mill, Cake--it was AWESOME!), and dehydrated apple rings:
We're going to be chillin' like villains in Arkansas this weekend, where my Papa will be celebrating his 90th birthday (Shout-out to the Great Depression! Save your rubber bands! And your bread bags! And when store-brand Jello or canned irregular peaches go on sale, buy them all!), and while I'm there I may explore the possibility that Mama may have an old food mill up in the back of a cabinet somewhere. Cause Cake's food mill was righteous.

And next week, although I do also have planned to get jamming on some huge denim quilts and some small flannel pajamas (because I am FREEZING!), I'm betting that a food mill would make processing a nice, big pot of pumpkin puree just that much simpler, as well.

But not more applesauce. I am DONE with apples.


Anonymous said...

Last yr, we and friends of ours had an amazing apple harvest, so we made applesauce and dehydrated apples too (those were so tasty that they were gobbled up quickly and you'd never know we actually had any).

This to nada. We'll have to get ourselves to Musgrave orchard soon.

You're a brave woman to sew a clown costume for her. I'd put my foot down and tell my child to pick something else (luckily, I can do zombie and goldfish).

julie said...

Clown is actually really easy if you can forget about the hair--white jumpsuit with big painted polka dots, elastic ankles and wrists.

But that hair! What to do?

cake said...

glad the food mill worked. it makes short work of persimmons too.

your apple rings look lovely. do you dip those in lemon juice or something first? i may try them.

teresa, is that true of most of your fruit trees: one year lots, next year few?