Thursday, September 24, 2009

Willow Blogs: Wild Cats

I love kittens because they are playful and they play and they fight all around the house. We got them at the Humane Society because we love them. We're keeping them until they're old enough to go back and get a new family.

This is Gracie. She is my favorite kitten because she's nice and grey and she's playful with her little ears.
Gracie is the oldest kitten because I think she ate a lot more canned cat food and we are going to make treats for our kittens.
This one is Jesse. She is black and white. She is a very runsie kitty because every time she runs away when I go toward her, even if I'm not going to get her.
This is Hillary. She is also a very runsie kitty and she is very nice and scratchy. She is very squirmy.
This is Whitsie because she has lots of whites on her even though she's black. Her skin is white; I don't know why.
This one's Blacksie. She's a nice kitty and she's very black. She likes to play all the time. She is a very nice kitty and always very mischievous, but all the kitties are mischievous. They climb on the table.

This is the day that they finally get to find a new family. They'll be good kitties for their new families and these are their names: Gracie, Blacksie, Whitsie, Jesse, and Hillary.

I love them.

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Anna said...

Awesome kitty post, Willow!