Friday, September 11, 2009

Read About Me on the Galactic Interweb

Tonight the news is all about:
I can be difficult to interview, because I never stop talking, and because what I do talk about can be kind of odd and obscure and pedantic (Wanna talk etymologies, anybody? Or medievalisms? How about hair bands?), but every now and then some brave soul becomes interested in parsing the train wreck that is my life and, behold, I am interviewed. On that note, check out the article Eco Craftivism is Serious Business over at Naturally Savvy, in which I am featured and I say lots of things, some of them even comprehensible.

In other news, although both the print and digital editions of Make cost money, one of the editors of Make kindly gave me a free link to my memory game article in Make 19, and told me I was allowed to share the link AND post it here on my blog! Awesome, right? So now you can find my article at the bookstore OR the library OR online! Pass it on, because everybody needs to know to make random stuff out of other random stuff.

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