Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Go Over to the Dark Side

Goodbye, quirky vintage containers and lovely baskets made of natural materials. I wanted to be one of those cool crafters whose entire space is crafty, all personalized and unique and yet organized. Not so much SouleMama's craft room, exactly, because she's way too mellow for me these days, but definitely YummyGoods' craft space.

Only, those vintage containers don't really hold all my stuff, which I then pile on top of other stuff. And I'm really short, so I can't see what's in the containers above my head, which is pretty much three-quarters of the space in my house. And those lovely baskets of natural materials get dragged around by the girls, which is fine, but then also spilled and toppled and tumbled, and, you know, just all messed up.

So I've given it a good long haul, and I'm still going to utilize the awesome quirky vintage mason jars and chipped Fiesta ware and all the other random stuff that I've been trying to put stuff in, but 90% of the girls' toys and our craft supplies?
Clear plastic storage bins, baby. I've gone over to the dark side, and it's made of non-degradable petroleum by-products.

But you can stack these petroleum by-products. And see what's in them. And because you have to buy them new, you can buy them to fit whatever you want to put in them (this alone is novel and good). And they have lids. Sturdy, snapped-closed lids, enabling a three-year-old to carry, not a handful of crayons that are going to be left both here and there and everywhere even after officially designated "clean-up time," but the entire stash of crayons, upside-down if need be:

And they look like candy in there, which more appropriately models the role that crayons play for us here in this house.

Stay tuned for more clear plastic storage bin godawfulness as it occurs.


Anonymous said...

Hmph. I won't tell on you if you won't tell on me!! I LOVE my clear plastic bins with lids that snap on so tight that nothing falls out even if you drop the box from the top of a step ladder!!! I also like plastic tackle boxes.

I still dream of a nifty workspace with baskets, ceramics and matching labels on everything.

cake said...

i commend you, and i know the pleasures of the clear plastic bin. i have some where the lids don't fit as snugly, and those can be nice too, for reaching into to grab some tape or something, while you are holding something in place, with your other hand, that you don't want to drop...

i got a bunch of them several years ago, to store the most important elements of my personal archive (ya know, old photos, letters, journals, travel momentos, etc.) i have never regretted it. i can store them on the floor of the basement, and not worry that they will get water damage. and they stack. and look neat.

where did you get yours? container store in st. louis????