Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Made It!

We are home [insert squeal here]. The girls are regularly staying awake until midnight now, which is oddly even later than their California bedtime, and the suitcase exploded all over the living room, undoing all the work I did cleaning before we left so that I could come home to a clean house, and I suspect that Matt hid some of our stuff, like our sweaters and his nice suit, at his parents' house to be discovered and mailed home later so that we could fit all the stuff I bought into our one suitcase, but we are home.

We came home to a couple of very nice surprises, by the way. One of our adorable tadpoles transitioned into an even more adorable, and very teeny, little frog during our absence:
Look at that--his little tadpole kibble is as big as his head! Now the girls and I have to determine whether or not he's a native species, and see if we can release him into the small creek by our house.

The other surprise:

Me! In Make magazine! This is my article that was destined to be in Craft, before its sad print demise--since we still have Craftzine to love and adore, I'll tell you secretly that I'm even more excited that I get to be in Make instead. Check out my custom memory game, writing and photo credits to ME(!), in volume 19 of Make at your local library or bookstore.

To my new friends who are here because you saw me in Make, I swear, this really is a crafty lifestyle blog, heavy on the parenting + hijinks. Yes, the last ten posts have been about my vacation, but that's where I've been for the last ten days. But never fear, for today, in between grocery shopping and taking the girls to the Montessori open house and reading the longest encyclopedia about farming ever written for children and shouting my ref calls at two children who have been, I swear, at each other's throats all day, I did something a little fancy with template plastic, a glue stick, and a book of vintage faux-woodgrain paper samples that I bought at the Goodwill Outlet Store.

I'll talk about that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, BTW! Very cool indeed!

julie said...

I know, I know! When Craft bit the dust, I thought for sure that my article would be permanently canned. Thank gawd people like to get value for the money that they paid me.

cake said...

that is so great that you are in print after all. i was almost as heartbroken as you were when craft went under just BEFORE publishing your piece. i gotta get my hands on a copy of make.

i did not expect your frog to look like that. so pretty and green! did you find out what species it is? i also can't believe one already became a frog! maybe, since yours were in their natural environment a couple of weeks longer than ours, yours are more mature. though most of ours have legs, they don't really look close to froghood.
how exciting!

julie said...

I wouldn't have said that any of ours were that close, either, and we were only gone for ten days! It looks REALLY different from what I thought--there are green tree frogs native to Indiana, and this frog can actually cling to the side of its tank and hang out, but I need to track down some photos before I can be sure.