Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Bought the Farm

My little girl was so busy writing her name (upside down AND backwards, oddly enough) all across the back deck----that she did not notice me busily photographing something just behind her that she would have otherwise been VERY interested in me photographing: I bought this set of farm embroideries from Andrea Ceramics, and I am THRILLED with them. There are 12 embroideries in the set, including a rooster: A horse:
A cow in a barn:
There's also a goat, a pig, a scarecrow, a sheep--all the best farm animals, Willow would tell you. Ideally, I'd like to use my secret kid-at-Montessori time to incorporate these into a farm-themed quilt for Willow for Christmas, perhaps.

In other words, it will join the dinosaur T-shirt quilt and the denim Valentine quilt, also DEFINITELY to be done this fall and winter (ahem).

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! My Mom embroidered farm squares and made baby quilts for each of my kids. Her farm squares were copied from the quilt that HER mom made for ME when I was a baby! Enjoy making yours!

Angela Pea

P.S. I love the rooster.