Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Want for My Birthday (Besides World Peace)

I am blogging a LOT for Green Options this month. I am sewing the perfect fancy outfits for myself and my girls. I am going through hell trying to find an acceptable non-nursing bra for the first time in five years (when you become a 34F, many conventional bra-shopping avenues are now closed to you). I am catching up with old friends via Facebook. I am not, apparently, catching up on my email correspondence (seriously, if you want to hear from people, you should join Facebook). I am planning some activities to do while we're in California (I'm pretty sure that yes, I CAN just go to Pebble Beach every day). I am deciding what I want for my birthday:

oh, and a Kindle
Because I have such simple tastes, you see.

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cake said...

OMG i hear you about the bra shopping. i have been lamenting, on a regular basis, "if only i could find a bra that fits me and is comfortable. i never had this problem before i had a baby. i have heard about some store that specializes in bra fitting. i am guessing that we don't have one here in bloomington...

hope you have a lovely birthday, and get everything you dream of. and, i hope you have a great trip to cali.