Friday, June 5, 2009

The Wonderlab, and Increasing Our Vocabulary on the Bus

Two-hour parking and Montessori preschool take us away from the glory of an entire day spent at the Wonderlab in the winter, but in the summer, on a rainy day in which the only other option for two little girls who live in a house chock-full of books and games, art supplies and building blocks, and who have an entire basement playroom full of toys, is to tear said house apart and fight like a cartoon cat and mouse, an entire day at the Wonderlab is a nice bus ride and short walk away:

Not to mention, we always have the BEST time on the bus. This time, on the way back (on the 1 South), there was this awesome fighting couple--the woman was mad because the bus driver wouldn't let her bring her soda on the bus (no open containers), and the thought of the 75 cents that she had wasted was enough to remind her that she had given her partner her entire paycheck after they'd visited the check-cashing place, and he had never repaid her. The partner replied that he'd bought groceries using that money, and Arby's, and beer when Brad came over, and rented the movie, and that thus he'd basically spent all her money on her. The woman insisted that if he didn't give her back the rest of her money, she was going to call 911 right there from the bus. The partner replied, EXCELLENTLY, "Here's your money, woman!" and took a wad of bills out of his pocket and threw them on the floor of the bus! Then the woman said that she was NOT going over to his mother's for dinner that night.

Mind you, I missed a little of the fight, because I had to hold the girls' attention rapt with a story about two little baby squirrels (named Willow Squirrel and Sydney Squirrel) who lived in the forest with their mommy who was a teacher and their daddy who drew pictures. As you can imagine, the f-bombs were falling hard and fast and my girls, they already know how to swear in appropriate context--they don't really need to learn all the creative appendages that one can add to swear-words.


Anonymous said...

*snort*! Good for you for teaching the kids how to swear at the appropriate times early in their lives. Will come in very useful.

One Gal's Trash said...

I am so calling 911 the next time my husband spends my money on beer when Brad comes over.