Thursday, June 11, 2009

Even Lemonade Looks Better in Pink

Will's been really keen on reading and writing this summer, and since she's pretty clearly a whole language reader, I've been, among other reading activities, checking out for the girls every single Dr. Seuss book and CD Reader that the library owns--not just the normal stuff, like Green Eggs and Ham or One Fish, Two Fish but the more obscure stuff, like Scrambled Eggs Super and I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew, etc.

Doing a search on the library search engine, I stumbled across the COOLEST book: . The author read all the Dr. Seuss books, of course, poring through them for references to food, and then she made up recipes for them. There's actually a recipe for Scrambled Eggs Super, for instance, and for Green Eggs and Ham, as well as the Pink Yink Ink Drink and Beautiful Schlopp and Sammy's Six Soda Pops.

Matt's going to have to handle Green Eggs and Ham with the girls (secret ingredients: avocado and green apple jelly), but with a little friend over for a playdate yesterday afternoon, I thought we could handle ourselves this one: Lemonade is actually a pretty easy recipe to do assembly-line style with a bunch of little kids, because each kid can make her own individually. And no, of course I didn't follow the recipe.

Let's see...first I had each kid roll her lemon back and forth to get it nice and juicy:Then I came around and sliced each girl's lemon in half and made her taste it: Then, in turn, they each got a chance to use the lemon reamer twice (two circuits around the table):Ah, the pleasures of learning to wait patiently: And nope, I didn't care if they got seeds in their cups--I think the technical term for that is "half-assed."

After that I just winged it--I got out a shot glass (lord, don't tell the little friend's mom!) and let each kid pour herself about a shot of sugar and then two shots of black cherry juice into her cup, then pour in some nice, cold water from a pitcher, and then I gave them each a straw to stir it with. And Willow's little friend Ella didn't even notice (or declined to mention) that she was basically just drinking sugar-water because she'd spilled all her lemon juice onto the table (twice) and I was too lazy to get her another lemon.

Lemon juice is supposed to be good for wood tables anyway, though, right? Eh.

The coolest COOLEST thing, however? A little more research uncovered yet another cookbook: .

I'm so there.


Anonymous said...

Friends of ours actually have the Star Wars cookbook...made some of the recipes for dinner for us one time (danged if I can remember what though).

Lisa said...

I love the red marker all over the little one's arm. My 7yo still loves to color on herself. And oh my gosh, a Star Wars cookbook? That is hilarious!
Lisa :)