Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Score at the History Center

We don't actually go to the Monroe County History Center often since they began to charge admission (a paltry $2 per adult, sure, our lifestyle only works if we're cheap as hell), but the girls and I do make a yearly pilgrimmage to the Monroe County History Center Garage Sale.

On Free Day.

It's a win-win situation, since by opening up the garage sale leavings free to the public, they don't have to haul it and get rid of it, and me and all the senior citizens, junk dealers, and miscellaneous poor people can get ourselves some free stuff. Among my haul:

bags and bags of ribbons, cording, and lace
big crocheted squares--plate rests?
some really terrific vintage sheet music, which I became fond of while working with the Starr Sheet Music Collection at the Lilly Library:
vintage bubble lights!
pretty and old stationery
The girls, once again, had their little metal shopping cart with them, into which Willow cleaned out the Christmas and Halloween sections of the garage sale as good as any of the senior citizens. Sydney once again didn't stand a chance against all the little old ladies in the doll section, but she did steal a man's hat, and we all got to witness an elderly History Center volunteer completely lose her mind in frustration that people would not avoid going down one entire aisle just because a little pile of broken glass had been swept up there (among the amusing responses to her tirade--"Um, I'm wearing shoes," "I'm pretty sure I can step over six inches of glass," and "Lady, you're standing between me and my three-year-old. Move!". Guess which one came from yours truly?).
Now all we have to look forward to is the free day of the Red Cross Book Sale in October.


Anonymous said...

Dang, I meant to catch that...too many things on my plate. Kudos on your score!

cake said...

i'm crazy about that stationary! it is good that i never know about these things until after they happen. i think we'd find ourselves fighting over the same items, should we end up at the same sale.

julie said...

Ooh, and I fight dirty! We'd just have to divide the place up before we went in--do you want to start in the Holiday section or the Toy section? We can go through the records together, and if we both head off that one little old lady, Sydney might finally get herself a doll.