Friday, May 15, 2009

It is Released Into the World

I said I would write a book and lo! a book was written. Well, so far just a book proposal:

Not only was there just your general run-of-the-mill writing, but there were also projects to invent and tutorials to write for the projects, and photos to take for the tutorials, and Matt did a TON of design work for me, from the overall proposal package down to creating diagrams and helping me professionalize my pattern pieces. I don't know how anyone manages to put together a book proposal without a professional graphic designer in her family. It was a CRAZY amount of work, but seriously engrossing, as well, as I'm sure you can imagine.

So today some proposals are wending their way off to some agents who wanted to see one, and tonight:


Disaster movie?

Trip to the comic book store?

Sitting alone and staring at the wall, infused with the feeling of exhausted relief?

It's weird, but I cannot even think of a celebration celebratory enough.


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

I want an autographed copy when it's published...because it WILL be published :-D


Anna said...

Excellent work! Sign me up for a copy~

cake said...

you rock! and, inspire.

Abby said...

yay for you! i'd love to sell it at Barefoot! all those workshop mamas already think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread!

julie said...

You guys are so sweet! If I ever get a book deal, we'll totally have to arrange photo shoots with Kimberly and Cake's kiddos, and Lisa will have to include a project, and we'll do some photo shoots at Anna's craft fair booth and Abby's store...see, I've got it all figured out.