Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm back, I'm here, I'm madly recording grades and alphabetizing papers and planning lessons and unpacking and wondering what's for dinner and replying to emails and scheduling cloth diapering classes and picking my A Fair of the Arts booth site and downloading photos and petting the cat and writing my book proposal and crafting for Luna Fest and washing dishes and...

...and maybe sitting down in a minute with a Shiner and some Netflix.

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you the most awesomest thing that we did today. You will not freakin' believe it.

It's that awesome.


Abby said...

welcome home. if you are scheduling any private c/d workshops at barefoot...note we will be closed for a bit for the move. you may want to check in with scott if you are thinking there might be a conflict. it would be pretty terrible for you to show up and the shop be closed or completely torn apart and diapers packed away. :)

cake said...

so glad you're home. and, i love that shiner bock is your beer of choice. it sure is mine. i thought they only sold it in texas, and was SO thrilled when i found some at big red. not at texas prices, but, at least they have it.

julie said...

Mmmm, Shiner. Several years ago there was a Shiner shout-out on the X-Files, too, and I've ALWAYS wanted to go to ShinerFest.

My mother bought me this bottle cutter a few months ago because she cannot handle having ahold of Papa's credit card, and you should totally collect your Shiner bottles and then come over because I'm collecting my Shiner bottles and my big plan is to cut them in half to make votive candle holders for the big wooden table in the living room, hopefully preserving part of the label.

And ONLY with Shiner bottles.