Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

I woke up this morning in the middle of a little-girl sandwich (Matt had long ago escaped to the girls' bed, after they'd escaped to ours). Each little girl snuggled and snuggled up to me, and if I tried to roll from my stomach to my back, the space I left as I rolled would be filled by little girls before I could re-occupy it.

And then I woke up. And then Matt and Will went to their Lowe's Build-and-Grow workshop (do you go to these? They're awesome) while Syd got to watch The Land Before Time as a bribe for being left behind. And then I went to work out (If you ever want to see a bunch of ladies lose their shit, throw them all into Curves with another lady who doesn't change stations every 30 seconds when the intercom says, "Change stations now"). And then we got groceries. And then I ate sushi. And then Matt made me a big desk (out of a door, of course). And then the girls fought over a library book (The book had a giraffe in it--obviously, punches were thrown). And then I finished Ringworld. And then I worked on my syllabus because spring semester classes start on Monday (barf).

And then I made these:

Bear with me, because I'm kind of ridiculously excited about them. They're little, and cute, and made with scraps of paper that I was going to recycle, so that's, like, bonus points, and it's the first time I thought to layer the papers that I put in my button machine, although now I'm all, "Of course!"

And so I made, um... a lot. Some are for my girls, some are to give to Will's classmates on Valentine's Day, some are to save for go-to presents for birthdays and such, and some scrappy little heart pinbacks are up in the pumpkinbear etsy shop.

I'm super excited about the ones I'm going to make tomorrow out of old songbook sheets.

And check out the dinosaur sweater Willow is sporting in her etsy photo shoot--Salvation Army. Twenty-five cents.


cake said...

that building clinic sounds great. how old does the kid have to be?

the heart buttons are rad. i love it when something is made from all scrap. i'm also just a sucker for those small buttons.

julie said...

For the Lowe's one they're supposed to be in kindergarten, I think, but Will obviously isn't, and nobody cares. Basically you show up with your kid, fill out the form that says you're not going to sue, the worker hands you both the kit with all you need to complete the project, you and the kid complete the project, the worker fawns over it and gives you a certificate and an apron and a badge to sew on your apron.

I have a thing for tools, and I don't think that most little kids get enough exposure to them. One of my favorite things about Will's Montessori is watching the little three-year-olds strap on their goggles and start sawing away at some chunk of wood. When you've sawed off a hunk, you measure it, and if it's some certain length, you get to take your hunk of wood home!