Friday, January 16, 2009

Golden-Haired Girls Finally Earn their Keep

Y'all, my girls are finally gonna make me some money!

My sanity nearly cracked during the making of the very large amount of scrappy heart pinback buttons the other day--the girls, with painstaking care, chose combinations of hearts and backgrounds enough to make ample buttons for themselves, for whatever friends they choose to give Valentines to, for birthday parties yet to come...and still we have many buttons.

And that's when I had my inspiration--rather, the next time I had a shower, which is the only time I actually spend alone (usually), is when I had my inspiration, but stories that start "And so I was in the shower..." really only tell well to good friends, which you are, so, the truth for you.

Ahem. Yes, so what do I do when I make too much of something cool, which I do often, because I can't stop pattern-tweaking and such? Why, I sell the extra somethings on my etsy shop!

My girls could sell their extra buttons on my etsy shop!

And thus is born the Made by Golden Haired Girls section of my shop, so far populated by the girls' very own set of six scrappy heart pinback buttons. Here they lie all in a row:
And here's an example of one of my favorite things about the girls' work:
Pink and green! My color combos are much more staid--my girls', much more bold and creative.

Willow, at least, is pretty stoked about her intro to entrepreneurship, and has already suggested that she make some more things for the shop. And so now the search begins for projects a four-year-old can do and have the result not look like a four-year-old did it. Ya know?

Also for your consideration, my favorite of Sydney's photographs from yesterday:
my jeans as I'm wearing them

her sister, upside-down
P.S. Inspired by cake, check out my post about local businesses that teach kids practical skills on Eco Child's Play.

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