Friday, November 21, 2008

Little Felt Things

Sydney circles:Photography experiments:Sort-of sewing:Help with felting:Drying in a row:


cake said...

ahh, so i was wrong on the felt project. i can't keep up! i was posting a comment, then went back to the blog, and *poof* a new post was up!
those are really really cool.

Anonymous said...

The felt balls are fabulous! Will you take Abby up on her offer to sell your wares at Barefoot? :)

julie said...

Scott and Abby do indulge me by selling a couple of my things at Barefoot, and I have a few more things at the Waldron Art Center, BABS, Musgrave Orchard, etc., but I'm actually kind of fazing out selling by commission to local shops.

Unless you're really successful, which I'm totally NOT, selling by commission can be difficult--you buy your materials and make your product, and then you give them up to the shop. My commission stuff isn't on etsy and it doesn't travel with me to craft fairs, which is where most of my stuff does sell.

Most successful crafters do wholesale, which is where a shop buys your stuff at a low cost and then does their own mark-up, but I'm also not successful enough to demand that kind of arrangement. It would be very nice to eventually be there, though.

But really? I want to write a book.