Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For My Mother, Who Wants to Know What I Want for Christmas

jewelry (from SuchPrettyColors)

a book about making jewelry

warm hat (from 16BIT)

soap (from FlameWorks)

sturdy briefcase recycled from an old tire (from Used Rubber USA)

Jar of stuff for the making of other stuff (from The Naughty Secretary Club)

P.S. Check out my tree hugger booklist over at Eco Child's Play.


cake said...

i find that jar-of-stuff-to-make-other-stuff quite compelling.

julie said...

I know--it's like a big, bright jar of toys, isn't it? And I don't think I would make anything from it; I think I'd just put it on my desk to be inspirational and look awesome.

Ooh, I could make my own jar-of-stuff, couldn't I?

cake said...

cosmo has a small tin with various items in it: a part of a zipper, some tiny balls we found (probably from an air gun) a snap, a flat, plastic yellow flower, etc. we call it "the little things" and he enjoys just spreading them out now and then, and looking at them, playing with them, arranging them. then we put it back. when we find small random junk, on a walk or something, we stick it in with the little things. that jar reminds me of a glorified version of that.

julie said...

That is an AWESOME idea! We are absolutely going to start our own jars of little things tomorrow.

I'm most excited about starting my OWN jar.


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