Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy Little Beaver Gets Her Just Dessert

Most of the time I am a total mess, but sometimes, very rarely, I am so organized and pulled-together and crazy-awesome-perfect that I impress MYSELF, friends. For instance, in the past two days, I have made dryer lint modeling dough with the girlsand then I wrote a tutorial for it on Eco Child's Play. I took the kiddos to the park oncetwiceand thriceand while I was there I took some product photos of the holiday quilt that I then listed on etsy. I answered a billion student emails and taught a class on gender stereotypes, although I did break my own heart by harshly reprimanding my secret favorite student (he deserved it). I completed the birthday buntings for oneand two of Willow's little kid friends
and I did that even though Sydney refused to nap today (curse you, daylight savings! Curse you, MyManMitch!). I fulfilled my civic duty
with both children in tow, and I smugly noted to myself, having compared the early voting fervor to the pointless Y2K mass hysteria, that there was absolutely zero line, that the staff was efficient and effective (except for my ballot judge, who was utterly incoherent in her explanation of the voting booth--"And so you...do all this...and when you're done there's some more...and if you write-in you do like that [odd hand-wave]...okay". It turns out that she'd fainted about ten minutes prior but, upon being revived, had insisted upon getting right back to work. Yeah.), and that they gave the girls both stickers and animal crackers. I took the girls to storytime at the public library and then organized their library books

in a new space that Handy Matt created by moving around some bookshelves and hauling a third out into the yard; it will join all the stuff he hauled out of the garage on Labor Day, which he STILL HAS NOT REMOVED!!!!! And, I just finished writing a tutorial for Crafting a Green World on painting vinyl records, a project the girls and I did together this morning before voting and storytime.

Yep, I'm awesome. Except, you know what happens when I'm so studious and multi-tasky and organized and productive? My immune system rebels. And I get a cold. Which is why I'm sitting here at office hours all stuffy and runny and achy, but you know what? I'm still staying up late with Matt tonight to watch election returns and drink champagne.

Go Barack!


Kimberly said...

Yeah, Lex kind of bucked at DST initially too. Luckily, the kid is so routine-oriented (up at 6a, off to our sitter's house at 7a, etc) it hasn't had as much of an effect on him as I anticipated. He still wakes up at 5a jabbering to himself, and playing until a more "reasonable" hour ;-)

Abby said...

Yay! Barack the Vote!

julie said...

I am SO happy about our presidency. The kiddos are STILL being thrown for a loop by daylight savings time.

Anonymous said...

Dryer lint modeling dough...way neat!! I'm saving my dryer lint from when I wash our organic flannel sheets (it's amazing how much lint comes out of those), and need to find some good uses for that stuff. :)