Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tattoo My Babies Like I Still Live in Arkansas

It's not even two o'clock pm, yet, and the girls and I have done so many prosaic things already:
We frolicked outdoors in the autumn chill.

We had a lovely outdoor picnic lunch, during which Sydney, who just yesterday had to have her entire lunch removed from the table until she agreed to try her slice of dried peach (Mean Momma Rule #487: You must taste--as in put in your mouth, not necessarily swallow--every single item of food on your plate. If you refuse--goodbye, plate. See you next meal!), ate all the rest of the entire bag of dried peaches.

We played on the playground, and the Willow learned a new trick:

And we did it all while tattooed up like gangstas:
For a while, I've been wanting a set of these Satetytats. It's a cool idea--when you go somewhere crowded, stick a temporary tattoo on your kid that reads "If I'm lost, call _____". I almost bought some, and then I thought, "Temporary tattoos, huh? I wonder if one can make their own temporary tattoos..."

Turns out that you can. You can buy temporary tattoo paper that can be fed through your home printer. The tattoos don't look quite the same as commercial temporary tattoos, because whereas commercial tats actually use an ink that sort of dyes your skin, these tats embed your printer ink in a medical-grade adhesive that then sticks to your skin. Our tattoos have a shiny rather than a matte finish, for instance, they tend to wrinkle a little, and they're not as durable, being designed to come off with one wash. Awesome, however, they still are.
I meant to just print off a sheet of the "If I'm Lost" tattooes, but then I got all caught up in the possibilities. Transformers tattoos for Matt!

Tats made from scans of some of the girls' favorite picture books!From my digital collection of artwork that depicts breastfeeding!WordArt of the girls' names, and some of their own original artwork!Buffy the Vampire Slayer tats, and tats from my own original photography!Oh, and the tattoos with my cell number in case the girls get lost in a crowd:Gangsta, right?


cake said...

i especially like the one of the original artwork! what a great idea.

the photo at the top is beautiful.

Abby said...

you know what i love. that willow's just hanging with you and her shoes are totally on the wrong feet. see, that's why you are so much cooler than me. i just couldn't let that go. i have issues, i know.

Abby said...

and you are TOTALLY gangsta. i've always thought that about you.

julie said...

You guys are so sweet! Man, I'm lucky I get my own shoes on the right feet most days, and Will's always been very self-willed when it comes to her wardrobe--she'd have a tantrum if I tried to tell her that the green shirt doesn't go with the pink pants with the monkeys on them, and making her "fix" her shoes? Forget it!

My favorite thing about the top photo is how I managed to crop out a couple of cars, so it looks like we're deep into a happy field or something, and not five feet from a parking lot. Mwa-ha-ha!

Kimberly said...

Geez, does it make me a bad parent (or just completely not observant) to notice that Willow's shoes are on the wrong feet?! LOL!

julie said...

I figure if I didn't notice, you don't need to!

After putting about a million tattoos on the girls this week, I've figured out a way to make them look much better, much more like commercial temporary tattoos. Practice makes perfect, right?

james said...

i would love to know where you found the pictures of the transformers...they are awesome