Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cuter Than Me

I'm ashamed of myself.

Many, many months ago, I bought three yards of brand-new shaggy red-and-white hearted faux fur fabric. I could not resist it, it was so delicious, and on huge sale, and I did have a plan for it, I swear. I'm supposed to be turning it into some nice big fluffy happy comfy pillows for the master bedroom. And so I measured out the amount of fabric I needed for two nice big fluffy happy comfy pillows, and made a little extra into a little dino for my etsy shop--

--and then put the last yard up for sale in the shop just to destash it (I'm not great at figuring out the etsy/Paypal fees, although they are minimal, so I made maybe a buck in profit--nice business practice, right?).

But look what this fabric magically turned into, less than a month after it was purchased--the cutest little teddy bear in the world! So cute, and so quick--I feel guilty that such adorable fabric is just sitting in my study when it has all that potential to be turned into awesome stuff. I have to get off my butt and make those pillows now!

I just wriggle to think of the cuteness that will result after my Strawberry Shortcake crochet patterns book wends its way to its happy new home this week.


23. Shaggy Red and White Hearted Faux Fur Pillows for the Master Bedroom


Anonymous said...

So where were you when my ds#1 was 4 and was totally into dinosaurs and I would have bought that cute thang from you in a heartbeat?

julie said...

I know, it's so funny how fuzzy=cute. Nobody even notices how it doesn't even actually so much look like a dinosaur with all that faux fur!