Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scooby Dooby Do, Where Are You?

I'm a real big 80s fangeek. Yesterday the girls found my container of dice from my Dungeons & Dragons days--it's up on the sci-fi bookshelf on account of I like to look at it--and so we all sat around for an hour and played dice: I'm really good at inventing games for preschoolers--in this game, we take turns choosing which die we want to roll, then we roll it, then Willow writes down what number we rolled. Probabilities, number recognition, fine motor skills, turn-taking--see, we're homeschooling! Needless to say, this is Willow's most favorite game, although she might have a change of heart when I show her the Horse Farm computer program I got her from the library today.

In other news of 80s nostalgia, witness my newest mini T-shirt quilt: When I was a kid, I loved Scooby Doo so much. It went off the air eventually, of course, and didn't jump back into syndication for probably ten more years. I was grown up-ish, by then, but I sat right back down to watch this glory of my youth, and thus had the shock of my life: why, the animation was terrible! And that Shaggy--he sounded just like the guy who did New Year's Rockin' Eve! (shudder!) It still is practically the highlight of my teaching career, however, that a few years ago, when the site RatemyProf was really popular, some anonymous student commented that I was "like Velma from Scooby Doo, only funnier." It utterly took the sting out of another student's opinion that "She needs to stop wearing those red boots!"

Anyway...I've become very fond of using a layer of fleece as batting instead of that weirdo polyester junk or the expensive and flat cotton batting, and I looooove how it makes my quilts all warm and thick and squooshy soft, so Iwent a little quilting crazy:

Eh. If you can't go quilting crazy, then how, I ask, can you go crazy?

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