Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love for Nie

I'm not so much into Jesus-lovin', myself, but I do love this blog by a Jesus-lovin', homebirth-having mama with four kids and, obviously, lots of kid-related adventures. For some reason I am always, for instance, thinking of this post and cracking up, because for some reason I, too, am always being subjected to the weirdest freak-outs by people of authority about my children. One of my mom friends who's a relatively recent transplant here and so far is just not feeling the small town love claims that Bloomington is the nation's home for displaced busy-bodies, but I, personally, get people all judgmental about my neglectful parenting everywhere.

Matt's theory about "neighborliness" in smaller cities and towns is that in a big city, nobody cares how you act because they'll never see you again, and anyway, they've got business of their own to take care of and they don't need to take time away from it to tell you your kid should be wearing a helmet while tricycling. In a smaller city or small town, however, people have a bigger stake in how you behave because they're likely going to see you around A LOT. I can't even tell you how many Bloomington people I've never met but who I know by sight because I see them every week at the library, the farmer's market, Bryan Park, and Joann's. When people see you around a lot, they'd probably prefer if your kid didn't always do annoying shit right in front of them or endanger her life so that they can't enjoy their latte for fear that the kid will fall off the top step and crack her head open and then they'll have to step in and call 911 and worry about minute rollover or whatever. Of course, in a small town those same busy-bodies will also sneak up to your house in the dead of night and leave a big grocery bag of cucumbers and tomatoes on your porch, so there you go.

Anyway...the blogger and her husband, and anyone knows that if you read someone's blog you feel as if you know them so well, were in a terrible plane crash last month and are very seriously injured. Here's the family-run blog about their recovery and the fundraising being done to help them--I'm not so much about the fasting in their honor, or the race, but I was all about the two-day benefit sale on etsy. New items will be added today around 1:00 pm-ish for those kicking it here in the Eastern time zone, but you should also check out the awesome stuff that sold yesterday.


Kimberly said...

As a devout agnostic, I certainly can't get behind some of the religious stuff on her blog, but her photography, comments on motherhood, and her unwavering devotion to her gorgeous husband IS something I can get behind.

Thank you for sharing that blog. I was unfamiliar with her until you posted the link, and I sat misty-eyed all day yesterday avoiding accounting to read her musings on life.

julie said...

I'm a hardcore atheist, myself, but I have to say that the whole "everything is part of God's plan" thing must be very comforting when such a senseless and unexpected tragedy occurs. You know, if you win your way back to survival from your life-threatening injury, like I'm hoping she will, with that kind of peaceful, purpose-driven mindset you wouldn't blame your husband, or sue the flight school, or wallow in despair, perhaps, but instead maybe start a foundation for burn victims, or a summer camp for the kids of burn victims, or something.

I like to believe that I live a purpose-driven life with a sound ethic as an atheist, but if I was the victim of a senseless and life-altering accident? I'd have to work a lot harder to create a further purpose from that than the Nielsons will, maybe, believing that this was their god's intention for them from the beginning.

cake said...

as one of those neighbors you don't really know, but whom you run into every week at the library, bryan park, etc. i can tell you that i am always delighted to see you and your lovely children. and, i love reading your blog. since i found it last week (from one of your beautiful pumpkinbear cards), i have been making my way through older posts. the topics are of interest to me, and the writing is great. i'll be a regular reader.

julie said...

You sweetie! You can also sneak up to my house in the middle of the night and leave a big grocery bag of cucumbers and tomatoes on my porch, if you want!