Thursday, September 4, 2008

Got Her Red Dress On

Do your kids ever do something so awesome that you just have to take, like, a thousand photos of them in about eight minutes? Every day, I know. Well, if you're not one of these children's grandparents, brace yourselves, because the girls, they played with a grasshopper this morning:

Notice that Sydney's wearing the red elephant dress that I mended for her. I wore this dress when I was her age, and it's a treasure, kept for me with just a couple of other little outfits and a ton of plastic 1980's-era toys to hand down to my own wee girlies. After Syd sliced off most of the lace around the sleeves and some of the sleeves themselves (she's a more confident scissors-user than Willow is, perhaps because Will is left-handed, and every now and then while doing something around the house I'll discover something new that Syd has snuck off and scissor-handed), I hand-stitched these little seed beeds all around both sleeves. It was a crazy amount of work, and next time I will most certainly embellish a hem with bias tape instead, and my work didn't even turn out terrible even----but of course you can't tell when Syd's wearing it. I don't know, though, maybe if she stood still long enough...

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