Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christmas in July is FINALLY Over

Well, at least it was a happy ending to possibly the longest Craftster swap in history, on account of I got ditched by my regular swap partner AFTER sending her all the stuff I spent weeks making her (don't worry--she has a myspace page and regularly updates it, so, as the swap organizer said, whatever happened to her, she's at the least alive and with internet access), and my swap organizer hooked me up with not one, but TWO swap angels. You can witness the awesomeness of my first angel package to arrive here, but yesterday even more awesomeness arrived.

I had asked for either stocking stuffers for the girls or non-religious holiday decorations, so when the big padded envelope arrived in our mailbox and the girls began to squeal for it ("It's MY present!" "No, MY!"), I lost my head a little and made the mistake of telling the girls that they could NOT look at Momma's special package because it might be Christmas presents. For Christ's sake, you'd think I'd have learned something about parenting in the past four years. Seriously, it was a rookie move, but in my defense, this will be the first year that we're "really," as in not in a half-assed way, celebrating the holiday.

Obviously, then, after I'd actually opened the package while holding it over their heads and peeping inside, when I announced, "Yay, ornaments! You CAN have these now!", Willow immediately snatched everything she could reach and looked like this--

--and Sydney, of course, retaliated by snatching some sweeties of her own: So you can sort of see in my daughters' avaricious grasps the so-cute crocheted ornaments that JennyBear made for us. I don't know if she knows any kiddos, but she somehow knew dead-on that anthropomorphism=awesome. The ornaments have faces!!!I love the birdie the best. I vaguely remember this pattern--perhaps in ?--and it makes me want to make a thousand more for our tree, but I don't think I can come close to imitating this cool embroidery. Have you ever noticed that I'm full of a lot of embroidery talk--Sublime Stitching patterns I want to buy, how-to books I've already bought, clothing I'm going to embellish--but I haven't yet ever stitched a single stitch of embroidery? I am an embroidery poser! I'm the closest I've ever come, though, having recently used my Hobby Lobby birthday gift card to purchase some tear-away interfacing for embroidering on T-shirts.

Anyway... I spent half an hour trying to get some good shots of all this goodness to post in the Craftster swap gallery; meanwhile, the conflict escalated:

(I love how Will is sneaking the bird out of Sydney's hand while she's looking at something else)"No!!! Bird mine!!!"And Willow's main offense is to pretend to be a dinosaur--"Raawr!!!"--and Sydney's main defense is a good offense, and she lunges forward and bites Willow on the chest. Photo shoot ended, double time-out.

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