Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Army of T-Shirt Quilts Attack!

Finally, a nice morning with no hurricane-level wind gusts, no rain, no just-after-the-rain dampness, no biiiiig chill--I know it was a morning like this, on account of I woke up at 5:00 am. Normally, Matt is the night-time parent for the kiddos (after I night-wean them at around fifteen months, that is, which is an arbitrary age, I admit, but is also the exact amount of time I can stand night-nursing without losing my mind), bouncing Sydney back to sleep on the yoga ball when she wakes up, nudging me to get up and stumble into the nursery to lie down next to Will if she cries in the night. I've actually sort of trained myself to ignore the girls' cries and stay sleeping, since Matt always wakes for them, and the reason for this system is thus: when I wake at night, I bolt awake, with a huge shot of adrenaline. I don't waken like "Yawn, I'm coming, Sweetie..." but like "OHMYGODWHATISITWILLOWMOMMA'SCOMING!!!!!!" Therefore, when something in Willow's cry did awaken me at 5:00 this morning--perhaps she'd had a nightmare and sounded frightened?--I went to lie down with her, she fell immediately back to sleep, and I... didn't. I lay in bed and wondered what I'd do if a burglar broke into the house while I was alone with the girls. I wondered what I'd do if a zombie or rage virus suddenly occured and I had to attempt to get the girls and myself into the attic crawlspace. I wondered how I'd manage to obtain food and water for us if we were trapped in the attic crawlspace. I wondered what I'd do if the zombies attacked as I was bicycling home--should I sequester myself in the garage or risk drawing the zombies into the house? I became panicked by these scenarios--clearly, in a zombie attack, our chances to survive as a family are slim. I got up.

So, yeah, you all know the downsides of waking up at 5:00 in the morning; the plus side, however, is this: I tried not to fall too in love with these, because they're destined for etsy and Strange Folk: I loooove the quilting I did on them, however, and even though I'm not really a Christmas-y kind of person, I'm really feeling the "Ho Ho Ho" one for some reason.

The girls helped with my photo shoot at the park this morning, Willow still in jammy pants----and Sydney really just adding more background interest to the photos than actually promoting the products:

Of course, then Willow fell backward off of a swing and completely lost her flipping mind and I had to walk back home with not just one hysterical child but two, because my toddler, duh, can't handle abrupt transitions, and I thought to myself, "God, Bryan Park is across the street! I can't even cross the street without utter chaos being the result!"

Eh, at least it wasn't a zombie invasion.

This time.


Abby said...

I'm glad the zombies let you live one more day.

Love the quilt. BTW we use the quilt you made Avery all the time. It is his "snack" quilt.

Lily had me up so many times last night. Think it's her teeth. But I had NO trouble falling back to sleep.

julie said...

I'm still not sure if I liked the quilt I made for Avery--I wanted the seams on the outside, so it could fray all cool-looking, but I think it just looked raggedy. It probably leaves a ton of lint when you dry it in the dryer, too.

Be super-nice to me and I'll make you some oilcloth snack/craft mats sometime!