Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm a Wench

So I managed to convince my partner to drop me off at the eastside Goodwill last night while he took the girls to the post office to mail off an etsy package and to ask, again, about half our mail that we're sure went missing while it was being held for us there (Netflix sent me Yoga for Indie Rockers on July 31! And have it I do not!). I don't usually go to Goodwill this late in the week because, since I usually only buy from the 50%-off color of the week, it gets picked over, and for a while I was feeling pretty grumpy and uninspired--I found a red tie-dyed T-shirt but it wasn't particularly awesome, I found the Unofficial Guide to Buffy but I thought I already had something similar at home, I found an awesome purple velour blanket but it wasn't on sale, etc.--but then, THEN, you will not believe what I found. A FREAKIN' REN FAIRE DRESS!!! A Ren Faire Dress!!! Velvet and silk, corset tie in the back, push-up bosomness in the front, long skirt for prancing around the maypole and swinging while acting saucy.

But I'm a curvy girl, you say. Does it fit?
IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Matt was a sport and took this photo of me at 9:00 last night--I'm not fun to take photos of, on account of I tend to critique people's photography techniques while they're photographing, and then I have to preview all the images and delete the ones I don't like, and then we pretty much have to start all over again, don't we? But I love this shot of my new awesome dress. My two favorite parts of it are how you can see the hole in the side of the dress that I need to mend, and the Goodwill tag sticking up out of the neckline. And, of course, I love how I look in my awesome new dress that I am now going to wear absolutely every single place I go for the rest of my entire life.

Friends, this dress cost me $3.99. Sometimes, life can be so good.


Anonymous said...

That's $4.99, actually.


julie said...

Hey, I earn of the money, too, you know! Sure, it's a pittance, but I'm not exactly charging you your fair share of all the caretaking, educating, cleaning, entertaining, and lifesaving of OUR children that I do all day every day while you surf the internet at work, buster.

Get some milk on the way home, will you, sweetie? Will says the stuff in the fridge is spoiled.

Abby said...

you look bitchin'
seriously LOVE the dress. hope you wear it to the next workshop.

btw: have a free bag of charlie's soap for you at the shop. should last you forever. had a problem with bags tearing when they shipped. so they sent new ones for no charge. scott's looking forward to getting rid of it, we already have a freakin life time supply ourselves.